Make cheap on-chain transactions using Lightning!


Note! Bitflash is joining multiple Lightning transactions into a single on-chain transaction, so you can pay much less in fees
Transaction will be made when enough participants will join current round (time may vary)
Check out also FixedFloat, ZigZag and

on-going transaction filled up for:

  • BTC: 0%

Use with single-request REST API


user@server ~$: curl -X POST -d address=3KaS4kwaKyfbDp5b2CQ3XKfwT3qNN2TSyC -d amount=0.009


{ "invoices": [
"order_id": "6fcdb", user-side order id

"charge_id": "I4N1jjo8yVw2H4gXMKh48", server-side order id

"bolt11": "lnbc2279200n1pwsnahgpp57j498f2fcfkjemdrtvggxtn3gpwz3x234jgjsvysrwg2crfcj3wsdr4gfhk7um5yp68sgr0vcsrqt33x5s8gmeqd36
xhkryy5h3dn42jyy0nxs3fp2szwckhs7rjnnrcqpn8sr6", Lightning invoice to be paid

"fee_satoshi": 99, fee charged by bitflash in satoshis

"network_fee_sat": 18, network fee in satoshis paid by single participiant

"tobe_paid_satoshi": "227920", total satoshis to be paid

"receiver": "3KaS4kwaKyfbDp5b2CQ3XKfwT3qNN2TSyC", destination address

"receiver_amount": "0.15", destination amount

"exchange_ltcbtc": "0.01516545" exchange rate (if LTC used)


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